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Pickleball Camps

Get fun daily training with certified instructors. 
Together with a small group of other players of similar skill level you will improve your mental game, execution, shot selection, and learn new strategies to become a better Pickleball player. Play as often as you like and make it what you want in a holiday.

Pickleball Clinics each morning where you will be learning new techniques and proper form, and discover what you need to work on. 

Afternoon is Play Time!! Observed round robin format games, where the coaches will give their input on your play.

Play with new players and go home with forever friends and better skills.

March 04th - March 08th

Skills and Drills for Advanced 3.5+

For Levels 3.5+ and up we offer advanced training Workshops, intended for those looking to take their game to the next level.  The Instructor(s) will watch and analyze your pickleball play, and will provide real-time feedback about positioning, movement, shot selection and general strategy. This is a great way to learn about, and quickly implement, more effective approaches to the game. In this way you are more likely to correct your movement, technique, shot selection and overall performance.


  • Progressive curriculum & skill-matched groups

  • Personalized attention & individual insights

  • Supportive & fun learning environment


Catalin Costea

With a keen eye for finding ways to help improve his students' game, and using an interactive teaching style, filled with various techniques, hands on experience and a lot of fun.... read more

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