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Private or Group Classes offered now in Vancouver and
Huatulco, Mexico

- at all-inclusive Las Brisas resort.

- on La CEIBA , in La Crucecita, Academy's private courts.

We will go over the basics from grip to stroke technique to court positioning and movement. Together you will improve your mental game, shot making, shot selection, and learn new strategies and ways to become a better Pickleball player.

What you will achieve?

  • Clear confidence on what shot to hit in any situation.

  • Simplified and professional decision making for high-probability and best possible Pickleball results

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the game allowing you to self-coach and self-correct any mistakes

Tailored on player(s) needs and concerns, each class focuses on a different area of the game. 
You can sign up for individual or multiple sessions based on your availability to attend.

Sign up with your group of friends or for a private class.

Offered classes in Vancouver:

1. Individual session - private 1:1 - (1 hour)  -  $60/student

2. Semiprivate class 2:1 - (1 hour) - $45/student. Family discount: $70/class
3. Group (3+ students) class  - (1 hour) - $35/student

* fees are in CAD

If you want to check about any of available classes, please email me at

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