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Pickleball skill ratings allow a player to quickly assess a competitor, understand their level compared to others, and properly align you against other players of the same level. This is important if you're registering for a league or tournament. No one wants to show up and feel out of their depth or embarrassingly good compared to the newbies.

The main reason pickleball ratings exist is to help match players against similar skill-level opponents at pickleball tournaments.

Pickleball clubs have members with a variety of skill levels. Tournaments use player ratings to stop games from being too one-sided. Amateurs don’t usually need to know their official rating. Simply defining yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or expert pickleball player should be enough.

If you want to take your game to the next level and engage in tournament play, it can be helpful to use a rating system to define your skill level. As Certified Rating Specialist, Catalin could guide you through the process and officially assess your skill level.

IPTPA Rating Skills Assessment – IPTPA Pickleball Association

If you want to schedule a rating session, please email me at

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