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Pickleball CLINICS


Clinic 1 - Skills

Kitchen play progressions with competitive drills
a. dink technique and grips
b. straight ahead vs. cross-court
c. spins and short hops
d. dink placement
e. paddle awareness and feel


3rd shot - drop or drive

a. 3rd shot options

b. hard vs soft

c. 3rd shot technique

d. 3rd shot placement

e. working your way up

f. transition zone
g. 4th shot intro


Clinic 2 - Strategies

Play time - Strategies

a. how the game develops

b. playing as a team

c. how to build a point

d. mental toughness


In Game Coaching


Show Me Your Game

Participants will be in a game situation with a coach providing feedback. Not a traditional pickleball lesson/clinic.

These sessions focus more on tactics and strategies than on skill and drill. The coach will observe, provide feedback and might insert himself into the game in order to demonstrate key concepts.

Since the strategies will not work if you don't have the right skill, you need to be at least 3.25.

This is private class; when and where TBD.

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