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          Catalin Costea,
              Level II CPTP


Coach Catalin brings experience and diversity to the pickleball courts during his lessons and clinics. As a certified TPA instructor for over 10 years and now IPTPA instructor since 2017, Catalin has developed a keen eye for finding ways to help improve his students' game. He uses an interactive teaching style, filled with various techniques, hands on experience and a lot of fun.


Q: What’s your pickleball story? How were you introduced to Pickleball?

In mid-August 2016, while playing tennis, I heard on the other side off the fences, on another tennis surface, a group of people having so much fun playing a different racket game. Curious by nature I went to check it out; and discovered that people were playing a ball game using oversized ping-pong paddles on a half-size tennis court. The oddest part to me was that they were laughing so hard while playing, especially when they were missing the shots! I asked them if I can try it, and they gladly offered me a paddle and invited me on the court. It was “love at first sight”. Since that summer, I haven’t played a tennis match, and currently I spend over 20 hours per week on playing & coaching Pickleball.


Q: What do you think about Pickleball?

Pickleball is friendlier and more engaging sport than tennis. It is easy to pick-up, and seems natural for those looking for a less stressful athletic pursuit; it is an “everyone’s” game with a family-oriented kind of feel.


Q: Why do you like Pickleball so much?

There are so many techniques in the game of Pickleball. Unlike other racket sports, where to score you have to hit the ball so hard, in Pickleball, the higher the level of play, the slower the game. You tend to “nurture” the ball, to guide it to a target. To play better you have to learn to outsmart and not outmuscle your opponents. The main thing in Pickleball is to be patient, to play a ball relentless until you get the opportunity of a put-away ball.

Catalin is not only a committed pickleball instructor; he is also a dedicated player. In the last years he won numerous tournaments throughout BC.


 "Pickleball is very addictive and one of my favourite things to do. To me it is more than a hobby and I’m hoping for pickleball to become an Olympic sport.”





In short if you have not taken a Pickleball lesson with Coach Catalin you will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I?”

Catalin is knowledgeable, encouraging & more importantly makes his lessons fun. I appreciate his attention to detail, creativeness & alongside his wonderful sense of humour.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me improve my game & the generosity you have shown not only to me but with my “bubble group”.


Cyndi B.




Coach Catalin has a great love for the game of Pickleball. He has a deep understanding of all the different shots, technique, game strategies, as well as the mental aspect of the game. He has a great ability to teach all that knowledge with easy to follow instructions during lessons. Catalin is straight forward, supportive and encouraging. He identifies weaknesses with ease and helps you work on it. Catalin has great work ethic and dedication. While helping you improve your skills he listens to your goals and will encourage you to go even further.

I highly recommend Coach Catalin.


Ruth Johnson, Owner of Ruthless Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Spinning Instructor



Coach Catalin has witnessed my development from a beginner to an intermediate level player.

On top of delivering basic techniques, an array of helpful tips, drills and phrases, Catalin is an insightful coach. He can quickly pinpoint the weakness of every player and be able to focus the session on such. His coaching style is direct and slightly satirical, which always makes for great fun sessions.

Great coach all around!



Architect, AIBC


Catalin is very observant and totally understands the game of pickleball. . . these traits combined with his sense of humor, occasional cajoling, frequent encouragement and his ability to find a variety of ways to teach you the skills and the strategy behind the game will help you move up to the next level. 



PhD, Licensed Physiotherapist (PT)

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