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Pickleball CLINICS


Foundations 1 -
One Step Forward Clinic

Our Foundations program is geared towards NOVICE level 2.5-3.2. Players interested in this program should know the basic rules, exhibit the proper ready position, and are beginning to demonstrate the ability to control ground strokes and dinking. The objective of Foundations clinics is to develop consistency in stroke technique and also implement fundamental game strategies, as advancing to the NVZ line.


Foundations 2 -
Second Step Clinic

The Intermediate program is for NOVICE(+) players 3.25 to 3.5 rating, who are looking to improve their game. Players should be able to keep the ball in play during short rallies, uses third shot drops during match play, and attempts to consistently dink cross court and down the line. The objective of Intermediate clinic is to reinforce solid stroke technique, transitional play from the baseline to the non-volley zone, and also game-winning strategies so that participants can move to the next level of play.


In Game Coaching

Participants will be in a game situation with a coach providing feedback. Not a traditional pickleball lesson/clinic.

These sessions focus more on tactics and strategies than on skill and drill. The coach will observe, provide feedback and might insert himself into the game in order to demonstrate key concepts.

Since the strategies will not work if you don't have the right skill, you need to be at least 3.0.

The coach will place students on groups of similar skill level. 

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