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Coach Catalin


The Pickleball Teacher/Instructor

As a Pickleball Instructor, I can do many things to help my students improve their skills.

- I can show you how to play each stroke, and I can tell you the importance of certain skill.

- I can give you feedback on each stroke, and I can suggest appropriate game strategies.

- I can lead you to the threshold of your potential, and most importantly I can HELP you cross it.

As a certified instructor for over 15 years I developed a keep eye to detect players' errors and then correct them. Understanding the proper technique of each stroke, quickly detecting the problem and then immediately initiate an effective plan to correct the errors makes me an effective Instructor. Successful coaching requires a myriad of techniques and the motivation to be the best, and the disciple to practice daily for self improvement.

The roles and responsibilities of a Pickleball coach encompass more than teaching technical skills. As a Pickleball Instructor I am Teacher, leader, Counselor and Collaborator for my students.

The lessons I prepare for my students are well planned and most importantly follow a logical sequence of progression. I bring experience and diversity to the pickleball courts using an interactive teaching style, filled with various techniques, hands on experience and a lot of fun.

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What’s your pickleball story? How were you introduced to Pickleball?

 “In mid-August 2016, while playing tennis ...

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