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Catalin Costea,

Level II CPTP,
IPTPA Rating Specialist


Coach Catalin brings experience and diversity to the pickleball courts during his lessons and clinics.

"The lessons I prepare for my students are well planned and most importantly follow a logical sequence of progression. I bring experience and diversity to the pickleball courts using an interactive teaching style, filled with various techniques, hands on experience and a lot of fun."

In addition, Catalin is IPTPA CRS5 and VPA Tournament and Leagues director.

Cyndi Boado,

Level 2 NCCP

cyndi 2_edited.jpg

Cyndi’s instructional approach is focused on equipping her students with a competitive edge. She achieves this by conducting thoughtful skills assessments, crafting and executing creative lesson plans, and evaluating her students’ progress. 

"I foster a supportive environment that encourages laughter while maintaining a rigorous approach to training.  As a result, my students leave the class equipped with valuable skills that can be applied both in everyday or competitive gameplay."

Cyndi’s own competitive edge has won her medals in her short journey as a pickleball player.

  • Whistler Tournament 2021  GOLD  WDs

  • SPC Mid Summer Slam 2022 Bronze WDs

  • SS Slam 2022 Silver WDs

  • Hamilton Region Showdown 2022 Bronze 4.5 MXD

  • Columbia Basin 2022 GOLD WDs

  • Woodinville Shootout 2023  Silver 4.0 MXD

Ruth Johnson,

Level 2 NCCP


Coach Ruth is a methodical and organized Instructor who takes beginners and intermediate level players and teaches them proper technique and tools to improve their game while having fun.

Her road to coaching already has deep roots as she is also a certified Personal Trainer (2003) and Spin Instructor (2013). Most recent accomplishments:

. Whistler Tournament 2021 Silver MXD

. Kamloops Open 2022 Silver 4.5 WD

. Canada National Championship 2022 Silver 4.5 WD

. BC Provincial Championships 2023 Silver 4.0 WD any age

. DPA Dash ’N Smash Tournament 2023 Silver 4.0 WD and MXD any age

. Kamloops Open 2023 Silver 4.0 WD any age

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